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Better Leads for the Future.

Metrics Media Group gives you both. First, we’ll help you fill your beds with a free marketing assessment, presenting instant lead options at a guaranteed cost-per-call. Then, we’ll consult with you to craft an integrated marketing plan to organically generate your own highly-qualified leads over time.

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Protect Your Brand with a Diverse Lead Flow

  • Diversify your lead flow
  • Optimize your marketing spend
  • Identify your most qualified prospects
  • Leverage a full digital marketing strategy
  • Reduce your cost per intake
  • More control over your business

Benefits of Consulting with Metrics Media Group

Lead aggregators are frequently purchased by large rehab groups. When this happens, some addiction rehab centers lose their primary source of leads, which often has a devastating impact on business.

At Metrics Media Group, we deliver the lead options you need in the short term while building a comprehensive, data-driven marketing strategy to give you more control over lead generation in the future.

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Free Marketing Assessment

Whether you have a clearly defined marketing plan or you’re starting from scratch, we’ll audit your current media plan, operational infrastructure, lead flow, and intake capacity. Armed with this insight, we’ll custom-build a strategic marketing plan that gives you a solid foundation for future growth.

Lead Generation Analysis

In addition to traditional marketing, we also generate leads through comprehensive digital marketing solutions. We leverage search engine optimization, content marketing and social media to deliver actionable insights centered on robust analytics.

Do you know where your leads are coming from? What about metrics like cost-per-call or cost-per-intake? We’ll surface up this information and use it to strengthen your lead generation plan and help you get the best return on your spend.

Pay-Per-Call Rehab Center Leads

Robust Digital Marketing

If your addiction rehab center is struggling to fill beds or you want to kick-start growth, you need more leads now. As your marketing plan builds momentum behind the scenes, our pay-per-call leads could help you start filling beds in the meantime – and at a guaranteed cost-per-call.

Full-Service Integrated Marketing Solutions

Our rehab and addiction marketing services connect you with future patients through a multichannel approach that includes internet, radio, television and print.

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