What We Do

Consumers today are smarter than ever - and they know they have plenty of options. That’s why the best marketing campaigns don’t just sell services, they create value for a client.

What we do & How we do it!

…using data and analytics to guide your business decisions…

We use marketing to help you reach, connect with and retain a loyal audience in a climate where potential clients have more options than ever. It’s our job to deliver the technical skill, experience and tools needed to help fuel your growth by reaching the right audience in the right way with the right message. We believe in a comprehensive approach that uses data-based decision-making and a combination of digital and broadcast marketing to target audiences and elicit a response.

Metrics Media Group takes the time to ask questions and understand your needs and objectives so that you can save time and money. During our discovery phase, we’ll sit down with you to develop a marketing assessment in which we take a look at your marketing plan, whether you have a strategy in place or are starting from scratch. Using the insights we gain from this media audit, we build out a customized strategic marketing plan with a multichannel approach.

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Our Approach

At Metrics Media Group, we have the smarts and skills to help you better connect with your clients. We craft campaigns that build a loyal audience, differentiate you from competitors and showcase how you are adding value to your client’s lives. Using a combo of digital, television, radio and analytics, we devise a marketing campaign that generates more leads, drives traffic to your website and makes sure you get found by the people that need you most. Check out some of the tools we use to make sure that prospects choose you when they are ready to commit.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is the art of making sure you have high visibility in online searches. We manage it as a long-term, ongoing process that involves keyword research strategy combined with content management. When users look for your services, they come right to you.

Pay Per Click: PPC targets your marketing to the users who are most likely to become your clients. It gives you total control and flexibility over your business’ marketing by targeted segmented audiences and maximizing return on your advertising dollars.

Social Media: Human connection is at the core of marketing and social media is the best way to foster real, personal engagement. You can connect with clients at every stage of their journey, and we help you discover and interact with the ones who want to buy from you.

Local Listing Management: 94% of smartphone users use search engines to find local information and 90% of those turn search results into contacting you, making a purchase and more. We help optimize your online presence to improve your local advertising and bring in more revenue.

Content Marketing: Content marketing helps you connect with potential clients searching for you and offer them something of value. Meaningful content educates and nurtures leads so they to know, like and trust you – meaning they will choose you when it is time to make a purchase.

Marketing Automation: We use software and technologies to automate repetitive marketing tasks so you can rest assured your emails, lead generation campaigns, social media and other online actions are being efficiently managed. This saves you time to focus on actual people.

Broadcast Television: TV advertising is even more powerful now that it’s combined with digital and hashtags appear in many major tv shows. We have a strong background in buying and selling broadcast television media and can ensure that you get the best rates and pick the most effective stations to meet your marketing goals.

Local Television: Local stations can reach highly targeted audiences and connect you with future clients who weren’t previously exposed to your brand. We make sure to place you on the best channel and provide analytics on how ads are performing.


Over-The-Top: OTT refers to content providers like DirectTV, HULU, SLING, Netflix, etc. that sell media directly to consumers. We can help you negotiate ads on these channels that are likely to reach your desired audience based on consumers media consumption habits.

Terrestrial Radio: Radio advertising can reach a wide audience with a low CPM. 93% of U.S. adults listen to AM/FM radio each week and we help you share your message with the best media channels to reach your target audience.

Satellite Radio: Now that so many cars come equipped with Sirius XM, it’s a valuable marketing choice as well. With over 65 million listeners, you can broadcast an ad to a national audience and choose a specific and segmented population.

Streaming Radio: Streaming radio is a huge marketing opportunity and many companies haven’t tapped into it yet. We can help you target ads using geo-targeting as well as other behavioral segments, gender, age, etc.

Cost Per Lead
Cost Per Action
Net Profit

Our team focuses on using media reporting analytics to drive business decisions. We start by making sure the appropriate tracking elements are in place, then establish a dataset to review the performance. From this, we can understand if the media/campaign is achieving the key performance indicators (KPIs) that your business is looking to achieve. Based on this reporting, we can remove the marketing materials that missed the mark and expand on those that achieved the desired results.

Analytics can also offer insight into how to optimize content to nurture leads and sales, boosting your overall revenue. Our robust strategy helps to quantify and track your marketing efforts and we provide you with transparent and easy-to-access data with actionable insights. It is the best way to ensure that every marketing dollar is being spent effectively and that your campaigns continue to improve.