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Host Endorsed Radio vs. Social Influencers
13 Mar: Host Endorsed Radio vs. Social Media Influencers

Radio Hosts are the key to generating branded trust, leads, and sales both online and in brick-and-mortar establishments. While social media influencers can be a powerful tool, it’s hard to beat host endorsed radio ads. On-air personalities have a true, trusted connection to their audience that you don’t always get with social media influencer. If you’re ready to expand your reach and increase your brand awareness, leads, and sales, it’s time to try to host endorsed radio ads.

26 Dec: Round Up of 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors

As we have entered into 2019, let’s recap 2018 in terms of Local Search Ranking Factors and the major growth and changes happening in the field. Google has made some significant changes in the area of local search and it’s important to keep up with them in order keep your local business visible. Here are some key takeaways and insights regarding local search ranking factors in 2018 and changes we can expect to see coming up in the future.

Local Listing SEO Marketing
16 Nov: Why Local Listing is Crucial for Your Business?!

Local SEO is a marketing strategy designed to promote your business’ within location-based searches. This includes searches with certain geographic qualifiers, such as city, state, and zip-code. It’s crucial to make sure you’ve established a successful strategy to ensure your business has an appropriate web presence.

Marketing Investment
13 Nov: Why a Marketing Investment is Not Just an Expense

Looking at marketing strategies as investments instead of just writing them off as expenses can help you start planning better budgets and optimizing your strategies in order to deliver the best returns. Understanding how investments vs expenses work in marketing is a great foundation for helping you map out the best possible marketing strategy for your business.

Get the 3 Benefits of Call Tracking for Addiction Rehab
16 Oct: 3 Benefits of Call Tracking for Addiction Rehab Marketing

Call Tracking is one of the best ways to leverage your addiction rehab marketing dollars and increase ROI on your ads. It’s important to gain as much information as you can about people the callers who are interested in your services. Call tracking is one of the best ways to do so, Discover the 3 Benefits of Call Tracking for Addiction Rehab.

Healthcare Marketing Seasonal Effects
28 Sep: Healthcare Marketing and the Seasonal Benefits

With healthcare marketing it’s often over looked that it too has seasonality, just like every other business. As the seasons are always changing, staying ahead of the competitive edge is key. We are here to help, reach out to us as you look for various ways to get your message in front of the right audience.

Advantages of Radio Advertising
24 Sep: The Benefits of Radio Advertising

Using a multi-channel approach is the most effective way to make sure you get your message in front of the right audience. Read on to learn why radio advertising continues to be an important channel to include in your media strategy.

5 Point Checklist for Healthcare Marketing
20 Aug: Healthcare Marketing Our 5 Point Checklist

Most healthcare organizations; hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers put a lot of money on the line when it comes to marketing. You need to have purpose and direction in a strategic healthcare marketing plan to ensure that your campaign runs successfully from start to finish. Our 5-point check list will give you some insight on how we’d execute a campaign!

Boost your addiction rehab marketing by combining digital and traditional media
01 Aug: The Power of Traditional and Digital Media in Addiction Rehab Marketing

Addiction Rehab providers have long known about digital marketing as a way to reach those in need of help with addiction recovery. Combining the power of traditional and digital media can help you ensure that your addiction rehab marketing is as effective as possible. Here are three ways that you can combine your efforts and boost visibility.