The Power of Traditional and Digital Media in Addiction Rehab Marketing

Boost your addiction rehab marketing by combining digital and traditional media

Addiction Rehab providers have long known about digital marketing as a way to reach those in need of help with addiction recovery. Many have been active with PPC advertising methods for years in an effort to reach new eyes and offer messages of hope and awareness around the negative impact of addiction and the availability of solutions. However, recent changes in the industry have presented new challenges and these providers have had to transition to other areas of marketing as well in order to gain brand exposure. This is where traditional and digital marketing need to meet.

While traditional marketing can have a huge impact on your overall reach, the fact is that consumers are exposed to up to 5,000 ads per day. This is way more info than the human brain can reasonably absorb, which means that marketers might get their message in front of new eyes but there is no guarantee that it actually makes an impact or resonates with an audience. So what is the solution? Combining the power of traditional and digital media can help you ensure that your addiction rehab marketing is as effective as possible. Here are three ways that you can combine your efforts and boost visibility.

Engage Your Audience

Traditional advertising formats like billboards, print, radio and TV help you reach a wide audience with one overarching message. People are exposed to your brand and begin to develop an awareness of your services. You can also provide information on how to contact you in order to find out more. The difference between traditional and digital media, however, is that digital gives you the opportunity to interact with your audience directly. Traditional gives them info they need in order to take action and make a phone call to get in touch. Digital marketing actively engages users. This means that the two combined can accomplish all of your objectives.

Using traditional media such as billboards, television and radio means you can offer a call to action to encourage users to visit your organization online to learn more. This message can reach people who aren’t as inclined to surf the web to find programs like yours. Once they visit your site, those in need of healthcare can travel from initial awareness into an active research stage to find out about the services you offer and what makes your program stand out. If you are using billboards, TV and radio, make sure you are directing the audience to a landing page with the same message as the traditional ad so they immediately find the information they are seeking.

Retargeting is another powerful way to boost the tandem power of these two formats. This method helps you draw visitors back into your website. With a strong content marketing strategy in place, you can help make the visitor aware of highly-focused and relevant content that you are publishing by getting your materials in front of the right eyes.

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Maintaining a Visible Presence

As mentioned before, consumers are exposed to a dizzying number of ads every single day. This makes it super difficult for companies to rise above the fold and get their ads seen. Additionally, different people consume information in very different ways. One type of ad will have a strong impact on certain groups but will fail to reach or resonate with others. Not everyone watches TV, listens to the radio, surfs the web, etc. so taking a multichannel approach is the best way to put your addiction rehab marketing dollars to work. By targeting both traditional and digital media, you can boost your ability to speak to a wide range of people.

Different channels work best for different organizations depending on the demographics you are targeting, locations, price ranges, etc. but no matter who you are targeting it is still important to offer enough advertising variety to keep them engaged. Everyone has had the experience of seeing an ad over and over and over again until it grows so stale you don’t notice it anymore. Television, billboards and radio spots are perfect for attracting initial interest. Once you have created awareness, you can use your site content to speak to all audiences who might be interested in addiction rehab – the family members, friends and the user themselves. The content will serve to drive to a phone call or form submission so they can learn more information or setup a tour of your facility. This is where the intake team is crucial for the process as they are the human voice that relays the services and image of the facility.

TV is an excellent way to advertise and rise above the fold because you can combine visuals with an audio message. Many addiction rehab organizations have seen the value of investing addiction rehab marketing spend in TV, which is an effective targeted for certain demographics. Selecting certain channels to advertise on helps you refine your audience by the specific demographics, geography, etc. that they appeal to. Using TV ads to direct viewers back to your landing page is the perfect way to use digital marketing to complement your traditional marketing spend.

Get Personal

Traditional marketing allows you to cast a wide net so you can reach many people at once while digital marketing lets you reach out to specific audiences with a more targeted message. Taking a more personal approach is effective for developing deeper and more relevant relationships. For example, these days many people turn to Twitter and Facebook to find news and interesting content. If you are advertising on these platforms, people in your audience will be able to find you as they are searching for related information.

Addiction rehab marketing should be very personalized – it’s a very private and personal matter and it’s important that the patient feels seen, understood and cared for. Your website combined with Social media makes it easier to personalize and humanize your posts in order to make sure patients feel recognized and less wary of contacting you. The right messages and content will encourage them to learn more and to share your message with others. With more than one billion people on Facebook, it has become an amazing way to reach new audiences and improve addiction rehab marketing strategies in a way that traditional media alone won’t do.

The most effective way to approach addiction rehab marketing is to combine the power of traditional and digital media with a multichannel strategy. The combination of billboards, tv and radio with digital marketing platforms is the most effective way to offer value and relevant information to your audience, drive engagement and increase awareness of your services.

To learn more about using digital and traditional media to improve your addiction rehab marketing strategy,
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