The Impact of TV Advertising in Addiction Rehab Marketing

The approach to Addiction Rehab marketing has changed drastically over the past few years, leaving marketers scrambling to keep up with tracking and analytics on how content is performing across a wide array of media. In order to stay on top of the game, you have to be able to track every click, call, interaction, conversion, etc. across multiple channels and devices. The most successful addiction rehab centers ensure that different mediums are collaborating with each other in order to bring in higher quality leads and boost conversions.

TV Advertising in Addiction Rehab

When mapping out your marketing strategy such as TV advertising, it helps to take a look at the patient’s journey from awareness through the final desired action. Imagine Tim, who sees a TV advertisement for an addition rehab service in the evening hours. The commercial presents the brand, telephone number and a unique URL for a website. He might remember or jot down any of these details for a later time. At some point, he visits the URL on his mobile phone in order to find out more while he is going through his day. The URL takes him to a website filled with information – Google confirms that 77% of patients START their journey on a search engine. Later, he again visits the site in order to read information on the blog, watch introductory videos and visit the company’s social media pages and reviews on his computer. He enters his email and immediately receives more information on the features and services of the addiction rehab center and decides to take charge and contact the service provider via phone. He has an enjoyable and productive conversation with a patient coordinator and decides to setup a tour with the facility.

However, SEO is a long-term play with long-term results. Over time, you can benefit from becoming a known source and authority in your space by using blog posts and other forms of content to engage your audience and provide material that is relevant and has value – and doing this consistently over time. Not only will this greatly improve your search rankings but it will also help you improve your owned and earned media strategy. Related Article: The Importance of Paid, Owned and Earned Media

This form of marketing isn’t rocket science! Well, maybe it is a science… We’ve been keeping a close eye on multi-media and cross-device tracking conversions for years in order to help our clients improve their marketing strategies.

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TV Engagement

The way that people view content has changed dramatically over the past few years, largely due to millennials. One CEA study shows that only 55% of millennials use their TV set as a primary viewing platform. More often, they use streaming devices like smartphones and tablets. Even 80% of the people who are still watching on a TV set also use another device at the same time. TV sets act as background noise these days, instead of commanding a viewer’s full attention. But that means marketers can take advantage of the multi-screen time by supplementing TV advertising with online and mobile content.

The Power of TV Advertising

Giving users search engine terms, websites to visit and social media content means they can access further material from you while watching your ad on TV. It also helps to increase the power of your brand. Using owned and branded creatives is key for developing multi-channel / screen efforts. That way it isn’t just a piece of content that users are viewing – they can take it a step further and start to engage with your brand, driving more conversions down the road. It is clear that patients are interacting with brands that provide them with the information they need at the beginning of their journey as shown by the 48% of potential patients that end their search by using a brand name.” It’s important to always make sure your TV advertising include a phone number and a unique tracking URL so the viewers can contact you if they are interested in addiction rehab services.

Using analytics to monitor search traffic will help you see how successful TV advertising campaigns can be in rehab addiction services marketing. Those viewers who type in the website you display on TV can give you a sense of how much interest you are generating with your ads.

Additionally, monitoring the URL type-ins helps you account for people who watch a commercial and type in the exact URL you have featured – otherwise known as direct traffic. Also, keep in mind that the majority (84%) of patients will start by searching for information pertaining to conditions – while only 10% will search for the brand names (hospitals, clinics, centers, etc.) in their markets. This proves that you should provide as much information as possible for the patient to find immediately upon landing on the page.

You can maximize the impact of your ads by refreshing creatives. Depending on the strategy, market and spend, it can also help avoid creative fatigue to switch up campaigns every two to three weeks in order to see awareness growing up to even a month or two after you have begun the campaign. TV has the potential to produce significant lift in search results during and after the campaign, lowering your costs across all channels.

As viewing behavior continues to change, it’s important to make sure that your TV advertising campaigns are integrated with digital marketing campaign. Keeping your campaign agile and continuing to monitor metrics and optimize your ads will help increase the effectiveness of your TV campaign in marketing addiction rehab services and also help you to boost conversions.

To learn more about using Television Advertising to market your addiction rehab services, contact us or call us directly at 1-866-477-4420.


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