Addiction Rehab Marketing: Reaching Service Providers with TV Advertising
Addiction rehab marketing services

Addiction Rehab Marketing has undergone some dramatic changes over the past few years. The rise of digital marketing and the influx of new technologies has caused a big shift in the landscape and addiction rehab marketers are focusing as much on tracking and analytics as they are on producing content. It has also become important to ensure that your brand is marketed across many different channels. Then you can leverage the power of being able to track every click, phone call, interaction, conversion, etc. across an array of media and devices in order to see which ones are performing the best. The most effective way to market these days is to make sure that different mediums are collaborating with each other in order boost the power of your brand and to drive more conversions.

Marketing for Addiction Rehab Services

When developing your marketing strategy, it’s important to think about it from a B2B perspective as well as marketing directly to the patients or caretakers. Service providers, or doctors, are an important audience to reach with your message because it can boost the power of your brand. Here are three powerful and additional effects of advertising addiction rehab services in TV advertising.

Professional Service Referrals

Doctors in the community that see your ads will become more familiar with your company name, brand and the services you offer. Keeping your company top of mind in this way can lead to more professional service referrals when doctors need to refer services out to their patients. They already have access to your audience so getting your message in front of them means further reach for your company.

Industry Authority

Advertising to doctors is an excellent way to gain industry authority as well. It helps position your brand as a professional and authority in the addiction rehab space. Without seeing your ads, doctors won’t have any way to differentiate you from other addiction rehab service providers. But viewing your ads and messaging will help you stand out in doctor’s minds as a trustworthy provider.

Brand Recognition

Not only will you establish authority, but doctors will also just become familiar with your brand and will feel more comfortable recommending you to their patients. Brand awareness is extremely important across all industries and especially in healthcare, where doctors and patients both want to develop relationships with companies they can trust.

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TV Advertising in Addiction Rehab

Using TV advertising is a powerful form of marketing in the Addiction Rehab industry. It gives you the chance to get your name in front of service providers and doctors and to share your message and important information with them while holding their attention. Imagine a doctor sees a TV advertisement for a addiction rehab service in the morning while getting ready for work. The commercial showcases the brand, a telephone number and a unique URL for a website. The doctor might have patients who are in need of these services or wish to remember it for future patients and jot down some of the information. Later, he will visit the URL to find out more details, read the blog, visit the company’s social media pages, etc. to get a better feel for the company. If they find helpful information and are impressed with the company’s content and image, they will be more likely to refer patients to them.

This type of multi-media advertising is helping companies across industries improve their marketing strategies and drive more conversions.

The Power of TV Advertising

All DRTV ads should include search terms, a unique URL for tracking and social media content so that viewers can access other material from you while watching your ad on TV. Doctors can watch your ad and type in the URL at the same time. If you are using owned and branded creatives, this is a very effective way of increasing the power of your brand. Viewers will see content that is specific to your company identity and will be more likely to recall your company at a later date. Ads should always have a clear CTA and make sure that contact information is easy to read so that viewers can contact you and find more information if they are interested. You can use tracking and analytics to see the impact that your ads are having by monitoring how many people are going to the direct URL listed in your ad.

TV advertising has the potential to produce significant lift in search results during and after the campaign, which helps to lower your cost across all channels. Integrating TV advertising campaigns with a strong fondational digital marketing campaigns will deliver better results, keep your campaigns agile and increase effectiveness across channels. This is the best way to market addiction rehab services and help you reach new audiences and boost conversions over time.

To learn more about using Television Advertising to market your addiction rehab services, contact us or call us directly at 1-866-477-4420.

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