The Benefits of Radio Advertising

Advantages of Radio Advertising

Planning out a marketing strategy can be a dizzying endeavor. There are so many marketing channels, mediums and opportunities available today that it can be hard to figure out which ones are going to generate the most leads. While many businesses are wisely incorporating digital advertising into the mix, even in our modern age of streaming content, smart TVs and consumer-controlled media choices – radio advertising is still a dominating channel in many key metrics. Radio advertising have been around since the 1920s and have proven themselves to have staying power when it comes to getting consumer attention. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main advantages of radio advertising for general service providers, small business, to healthcare, addiction treatment, and elective medical. 

Tremendous Reach

The most obvious advantage of radio advertising is that it is the leading platform in terms of audience reach. Nielsen reported that it draws a higher weekly audience than television, with around 93% of adults listening to the radio on a weekly basis. Audiences tune in via traditional methods (like car and home radios) as well as digital streaming services like Sirius XM, Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio. The Pew Research Center found that advances in consumer technologies allow increasing numbers of Americans to listen to radio on a variety of platforms while terrestrial radio is still reaching the majority of the public.

Radio has very much created its own niche of entertainment through both traditional and digital means. Radio content now includes everything from exclusive shows to podcast series to news and different types of customized stations. Because there is so much popular content available via radio these days, it makes it it is a prime channel for advertising reach.

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Accurate Targeting

Radio also offers the ability to perform precise audience targeting. You can pinpoint the exact segments of the population that you want to reach and tailor your approach specifically toward them. For instance, if you are marketing a specific service, such as elderly orthopedic care, in the healthcare vertical, you can research the demographic that you are trying to reach and which stations they are most likely to listen to. This makes the best use of your marketing dollars because if your audience mainly listens to AM/FM radio stations at certain times of the day you can avoid advertising on streaming networks, etc. that are less likely to be served to the right group.

Stand Out

Radio makes a great option for advertising because it is so uncluttered, unlike the internet, TV, newspapers and other media. It provides a wide open space for your ads. Newspapers and magazines have over two-thirds of their space dominated by ads and TV devotes one-third of the airtime to ads. Radio only has about 10 minutes of ads per hour, plus people are usually listening while they are driving, exercising or some other activity where they are focused in on the content. It’s also convenient for small businesses because people can be reached when they are out in the world and poised to make an inquiry. It’s a solid medium for reaching engaged audiences that aren’t overwhelmed by clutter.

Emotional Appeal

There’s no denying the power of print and digital media, but radio is an excellent way to create emotional appeal with your ads. This is especially powerful when advertising to healthcare, addiction treatment, and elective medical that benefit from a human touch. The power of voice can drive listeners to take a specific action and present a unique message.

If you are interested in building a powerhouse marketing strategy, we can help you use radio to boost your lead generation, contact us or call us directly at 1-866-477-4420.

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